12. Owen

12. OWEN SPURLIN* married Olivia Moore*

12.1. Anderson (BB) Spurlin Sr* married Modell

12.1.1. Anderson Spurlin Jr Andeya Danielle Spurlin

12.1.2. David Spurlin Sr. married Adrian Minor (1st Wife) Ebony Spurlin David Spurlin Jr Semaj Spurlin Divad Spurlin DeAngelo Spurlin Devonta Spurlin

12.2. Owen Spurlin III marrried Lena Reed

12.2.1. Owen Spurlin IV married Chalant Schrell Spurlin Gina Spurlin

12.2.2. Linda Spurlin married Holley

12.2.3. Sharon Spurlin married Eldert Hearon Nicole Hearon

12.2.4. Sandra Spurlin married David Gynes Dave

12.3. Amelda Spurlin married Lee Thomas

12.3.1. Rosalind Thomas Elyse Thomas Taylor O. Thomas Leah Thomas La’Vette Thomas

12.3.2. Renate’ Thomas married Ira Siskind Lloyd Andrew Siskind

12.4. Mildred Spurlin married Charles Leonard Sr.

12.4.1. Charles Leonard II. married Elizabeth Adams Katherine Leonard Adam Leonard

12.4.2. Mildred Leonard

12.5. Amanda Spurlin married Sam Sims* (1st Husband)

12.5.1. Cleveland Sims married Lisa Logan (1st Wife) Rain Sims

12.5.1. Cleveland Sims married Carmella Parr, (2nd Wife) Amanda Olivia Sims

12.5. Amanda Spurlin married William Watkins II* (2nd Husband)

12.5.2. William Watkins III married Sarah Newell William Henry Watkins IV James Owen Watkins

12.5.3. Tracy Olivia Watkins married Dell Jackson* William Spurlin Jackson married Cassandra Alexis Olivia Jackson Anderson Owen Jackson Isaiah Jonathan Jackson

12.6. Jerome Spurlin*

12.7. Jessie Spurlin married Curtis M Foster II*

12.7.1. Andre Foster Sr.* married Barbara Carson Andre Foster Jr. Alicia Foster Christopher Foster Curtis Foster Alexandre Denton Valerie Grace Foster married Charles Deere Aiden Loeza

12.7.2. Grace M Foster Curtis Miller Foster Gabriel Foster Baleace Foster

12.7.3. Valerie Foster married Charles Deere

12.7.4. Donna Foster married Raja Zahid (1st Husband) Raja E. Zahid Donavan Zahid

12.7.5. Dorrie Foster

12.7.6. Olivia Foster married Wendall Davis (Ist Husband) Kristen Davis Jennifer Davis

12.7.7. Devon Foster married Steven Toliver Steven Joshua Toliver Elijah Toliver Caleb Toliver

12.8. Odessa Olivia Spurlin*


14 thoughts on “12. Owen

  1. Sending you some corrections for Jessie and Curtis Foster’s family. I am awaiting the complete names of two great grandchildren, but found some corrections that need to be made on other names. Alicia Foster (Awaiting the correct name of her youngest son)

    12.7.2. Valerie Grace Foster (Valerie Grace Foster is a daughter of Andre Foster and Barbara Carson) should she be as their third child. Also awaiting the name of her son. Curtis Miller Foster III has a son: Gabriel Foster
    12.7.8. Devon and Steven Toliver has a son named Caleb Toliver Elija should be Elijah Toliver

  2. 12.7.2 Valerie Grace Foster son’s name is Aiden Loeza; Alicia Foster’s youngest son’s name is Alexandre Denton

  3. Additional changes to Jessie Foster’s family. Sorry for the additions–did not think of it. Will check with other Owen and Olivia’s family members

    Deceased family members Additional Corrections
    12.5.3 Dell Jackson Remove the IV
    12.7. Curtis M. Foster 12.7.2. Grace M. Foster (add the M)
    12.7.1 Andre Foster Sr. Remove the III
    12.7.6 Wendall Dave (1st Husband- instead of I” )

    • Rewriting submitting It looks too confusing

      Deceased family members
      12.5.3 Dell Jackson
      12.7. Curtis M. Foster
      12.7.1 Andre Foster Sr.

      Additional Corrections Remove the IV
      12.7.2. Grace M. Foster (add the M) Remove the III
      12.7.6 Wendall Dave (1st Husband- instead of I” )

  4. 12,8 Name should be Odessa Olivia Spurlin*
    12.1.1. married Veronica Lynette Anthony*– was not married to Anderson and is not deceased Donavan — please add Donavan Zahid

    Thank you

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